Latin America Model United Nations a THIMUN affiliated Conference. 

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The British Schools Montevideo - Stella Maris College



Secretary General - Dikran Bakkalian  - (The British Schools)

Deputy Secretary General - Ignacio Gattás - SMC (until 1st March)

Deputy Secretary General - Matías Molinolo - SMC

Deputy Secretary General - Sol Slinger - (The British Schools)


Executive Administrative Officer: Jacinta Guelfi- (The British Schools)

Executive Administrative Officer: Matías Lea Plaza - SMC (until 1st March)

Executive Administrative Officer: Paulina Mayer - SMC

Deputy Executive Admin Officer: Inés Moro 

Deputy Executive Admin Officer: Emma Paz

President of General Assembly - Nayantara Ranganatha - (Craighouse School)


Security Council

President Committee - Patrick Davies (TBS)

Deputy President Committee - Gustavo Marangoni (Seminario)


1st Committee (GA1)

Chair - Florencia Sburlati (St.Brendan's)

Deputy Chair - Valentina Scarabino (Craighouse)

Deputy Chair - Ignacio Saravia (Seminario)


2nd Committee (GA2)

Chair - Alejandro Seré (TBS)

Deputy Chair - Elisa Goñi (Seminario)


3rd Committee (GA3) 

Chair - Paulina Seré (TBS)

Deputy Chair - Pilar Busquet (St.Brendan's)


4th Committee (GA4)

Chair - Elijah Wendel (TBS)

Deputy Chair - Sofía Camacho (Seminario)

Deputy Chair - Giao Giao Ma (Crandon)


6th Committee (GA6) 

Chair - Juan Ignacio Carluccio (Seminario)

Deputy Chair - Dylan Fairless (TBS)


Environment Commission

President Committee - Martina Berrutti (Seminario)

Deputy President Committee - Luna Recalde Adao (San Andrés)



Human Rights Commission

President Committee - Santiago Nazur (Seminario)

Deputy President Committee - Florencia Römer (TBS)


Special Conference 1&2 - Communications in a Globalised World & The Rights of Children

Deputy President Committee - Elliot Zepeda (Craighouse)

Deputy President Committee - Sofía Trujillo (San Andrés)