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In this edition of LAMUN, we have decided to extend our hand to charities that correspond to topics presented in each of the committees.

SC - International Rescue Committee

Helping families that need to flee because of conflict by delivering aid.

GA3 - The Trevor Project

Saving young LGBTQ+ lives by providing crisis services such as the TrevorLifeline, training volunteers, and enabling work with policymakers to protect young LGBTQ+ lives.

UN Women - 28 Too Many

Its aim is to end female genital mutilation by researching the matter and elaborating educative papers and reports, engaging influencers that advocate for change, and providing materials and tools for local organisations.

ECOSOC - Tax Justice Network

Aims to reprogram tax systems so they are just and adjust to everyone’s needs equally.

HSC - Peace Direct

An organisation that aims to prevent wars by providing group healing sessions, psychosocial support, and forming people into becoming peacebuilders.

UNICEF - Save the Children

Aiding children who suffer due to hunger, natural disasters, and conflict in the midst of a global pandemic by providing them with food, and blankets.

GA1 - Nuclear Threat Institute

Building a safer world and assessing nuclear threats.

Environmental - World Food Programme

Helping hungry families to access nutritious food.

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