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Know your country

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

Preparation for the Conference is essential; you must know your issues, your key points in arguments and who your friends and enemies are.

The thing is you are representing a country you know nothing about! That is a huge opportunity to discover a new country, a new culture and a different way of doing politics. However the real challenge lies in being able to set your feet, mind and heart to defend a country that is possibly as far from yours as possible. That is where information is key. You need to research everything (relevant) in order to present the best case for your delegation. A detailed understanding of your country is critical if you want to excel when debating. provides several ideas as to where and how to start:

Physical Geography:

What is your country’s official name?

What region of the world is your country located in?

How big is your country? (square miles)

Who are your country’s neighbors?

How would you describe your country’s physical features and climate?


What is your country’s population?

What is your country’s ethnic composition?

What is your country’s official language?

What other languages are spoken?

What is your country’s capital?

What are some of the major cities?

How would you describe the quality of life in your country?

Politics & Goverment:

When was your country founded?

What type of government does your country have?

Who are some of your country’s leaders?

How many people serve in your country’s military?

Who are your country’s allies? Enemies?


What is your country’s total Gross Domestic Product?

What are some of your country’s natural resources?

What is your country’s currency?

What are your country’s major imports and exports?

What are your country’s biggest trading partners?

The Model UN country profile is a great way to begin the investigation.

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