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Security Council:

· The question of Kashmir as a threat to regional peace.

· The issue of the surge of new Israeli settlements.

· Managing the regional threat of instability in Venezuela.

Environment Committee

· Discouraging the production and use of single-use plastics.

· The transition from coal-based economies to economies based on renewable energy.

· Battling rising sea levels: saving the Pacific island small states.


· The effect of economic sanctions on international trade.

· Managing the threat to global health caused by refusing vaccinations.

· The question of Brexit with regards to the global economy.

GA 1 – Disarmament and International Security

· The question of threats to national stability caused by religious intolerance.

· The question of cyber surveillance on civilians.

· Preventing conflicts over energy resources in the Arctic.

GA 3 – Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee

· Addressing the Ebola outbreak in the Great Lakes region.

· Empowering the LGBTQ + community.

· Addressing the rise of threats to women’s rights in the Middle East.

GA 4 – Political

· The question of the occupied territories in Ukraine.

· The issue of the rights of the citizens of Hong-Kong.

· The issue of Kurdistan.

Human Rights Council

· The question of Human Rights of Uighur Muslims in China.

· Safeguarding Rights of migrant workers.

· Protecting the Human Rights of children in Yemen.


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