LAMUN Dress Code

THIMUN conferences require a professional dress code from all MUN participants including MUN directors and chaperones. MUN is a formal meeting place for discussion of serious issues; clothing should reflect this. Sloppy or an unkempt appearance is a form of disrespect to the represented country and to the institution of the United Nations. Additionally, it is important to respect the local culture by dressing modestly.





Girls may wear dress slacks and blouses or dresses that are professional in nature. They should at all times avoid wearing sleeveless tops or sheer plunging necklines. Skirts/dressed must be below the knee (both sitting and standing).


For boys the appropriate attire is business formal, this means suit and tie. Jeans, T-shirts, or sports shoes are not appropriate attire for boys.

Delegates will be asked to leave the conference to change into appropriate attire should they fail to adhere to the dress code. Please note, national dress is not considered appropriate conference attire because delegates are embodying a different country than their own.