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We live in an increasingly dangerous world and huge challenges must be tackled collectively at once. 

Peacekeeping is of utmost urgency: we need to prevent the spreading and worsening of conflicts, especially in eastern Europe and Asia. The challenge of peacekeeping, moreover, has become inextricably intertwined with long-standing issues that we have taken too long to address. In this regard, the war in Ukraine has highlighted the world’s shortcomings in energy policy, compounding the challenge of the long-overdue adoption of environmentally-friendly policies while also sustaining economic growth – with the additional challenge of curbing unusually high inflation rates. 

As tensions rise throughout several hotspots around the globe, the issue of Human Rights, precisely in such areas, has also become more relevant than ever, especially when taking into account the situation of women in Afghanistan and Iran. In connection with this, the migrant crisis that originated in the past decade has barely subsided, just as receiving countries appear willing to introduce more intense patrolling and further entry restrictions. 

Therefore, we undoubtedly stand at a crossroads regarding Human Rights, energy policies, peacekeeping and an unstable economy. 


We can only address these huge challenges together as a global community – our hope in the United Nations must be stronger than ever.

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