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Florencia Lombardi

Co-Head of Logistics


Hi! I am Florencia Lombardi, a senior at The British Schools of Montevideo. Together with my partner Fiorella, we have the honor of serving as the Heads of Logistics for this LAMUN edition. As we believe you are never too young to make a change, we think MUN is the perfect place to start important conversations on relevant global topics. Therefore, our goal is that you become engaged with the issues we have proposed and continue informing yourselves outside this conference.


I joined MUN in 2019, representing Mexico at the STBS conference. This experience was very special since I was one of the first members of my school’s MUN team. Just a few months after the Club was created, I became part of the small group of students who were interested in participating. Our first conferences were rough. None of us knew how to write a resolution and we were too scared to make speeches at first. However, we still powered through and had a great time as we made our way through the conferences.


When I came to The British Schools the following year, I immediately joined the MUN Club. I was excited to continue my journey with a more experienced team to guide my way. Little did I know that a couple of weeks later, everything would shut down because of the pandemic and MUN would be suspended for months. During this time, I still participated in a few online conferences, but I could not wait until I could see everyone face to face. Therefore, I am incredibly excited to welcome local delegates to our school once again.


I must admit I am not the most experienced Head at this conference. Nonetheless, I am sure I will be able to assist you with other qualities. Inside my school, I am also part of the Newspaper Club as the Head of the Writing Team. This means I get to inform myself about different issues going on around the globe, something which can come in very handy when preparing for MUN. When I am not busy with school activities, I spend most of my time reading fiction (anything but classics) or watching some show.


Moving on to what is important, I really hope you enjoy this conference. I cannot wait to see you all this April. I am sure LAMUN 2022 will be great fun. See you soon!

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