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Hey delegates! My name is Serena Jacobi. I am 17 years old and a student at the International College of Punta del Este. I was born in Brazil, São Paulo but have been living in Uruguay for about 6 years now. Either way, my Spanish is still a little rusty when it comes to “tildes”. I have been in love with MUN since I joined my school club by convenience, after being scammed it could potentially boost my English grade. Subsequent to my first conference, it became more than that as I was introduced to something that accompanied most of my high school years. LAMUN 22 will be my eighth conference and my second one as chair. I cherish my MUN experiences a great deal and hope to pass on my passion for new delegates who will be joining.


I am thrilled to be your chair alongside Lola Shaffer! I am eager to see you all debating such interesting issues. We hope to motivate you to come prepared with your resolutions so we can make the most out of this debate. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. See you soon!



I’m Lola Shaffer, deputy chair for the Environmental Committee, and this is the first time I'm taking the position of a student officer in a MUN conference.

My first MUN conference was LAMUN 2021 where I was representing the delegation of Indonesia, on the issue of single-use plastics and sustainable energy. At first, I was very scared and nervous to speak in front of other people, but I knew that in order to have a good time I had to confront my fear and at least try to make points of information. Having done that, I managed to pass the resolution and was very happy about it. LAMUN 2021 was a lovely conference where I got to meet people from Latin America and where my love for debating began. For this year’s conference, LAMUN 2022, I hope for delegates to take this as an opportunity to make friends, expand one’s knowledge, practice your social skills and also to enjoy the experience of representing a country, its beliefs, its suggestions for possible solutions and the idea of learning about a topic that is real and in fact may be ongoing around the world at this precise moment. I wish all delegates luck and I hope for a fruitful debate!

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