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Luciana Bunt

Head of Social Networking

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Hi everyone! I am Luciana Bunt, a senior in the British schools of Montevideo, and I am pleased to be part of this year's LAMUN as the Head of Social Media. 


The beginning of my MUN journey began in 2017 when my parents told me to join an extracurricular activity at my school (I'm sure many of you have experienced this). I decided on joining the MUN club because at that time I had a crush on the MUN student leader, so it was a chance for me to put myself out there. The first conference I attended was MYMUN (Myanmar MUN), as I used to live there. That day was very stressful because I was not fully prepared and lacked knowledge about my position. However, the chairs understood it was my first time attending, so they were easy on me. To this day I appreciate it. I represented the United Kingdom in GA1, and ended up being named the “Most confused delegate”, very fitting as I was confused throughout the conference. From there, I learned from my mistakes and attended many more conferences. Who knew that a simple crush would lead to a passion for debating with people from different backgrounds, and, hopefully, a future career in the humanitarian field. 


When I moved to Uruguay, it felt good to know that there was a MUN club, making me feel more at home. I was excited to know that I could continue this passion I had, with a great group of people that I now call friends. I was sad to know that I had to do MUN conferences online, as I loved to get to know new people, but it is safe to say that I also enjoyed the virtual MUN’s and with the difficulty of it all, I made new friends. However, I am very excited to know that the local schools will be able to attend this year's LAMUN in person! 


Our team has put a lot of time and effort into making LAMUN 2022 the best of our current situation and, hopefully, it will be educational, but fun! I cannot wait to finally have some human interaction with delegates and I’m really looking forward to meeting some of you, see you soon!

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