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Franco Malde

Co-Secretary General


Hello everyone, I’m Franco Malde and I will be participating in this LAMUN conference as co-Secretary General. I’ve been a student at The British Schools my whole life and having the opportunity to join an MUN club was incredible. 


I joined the club three years ago, intrigued by the diversity of issues tackled at the conferences. Now I take the role of Co-President of this club, aiming my focus in getting people to participate and enjoy MUN just like I do. 


When I first started MUN I wasn’t really sure how to defend arguments or how to speak in front of a whole committee in a way that would make them really reflect upon what I was saying, but as conferences went by I noticed how practicing these skills over and over made me improve in several areas. I started liking oral presentations in class and even giving speeches in front of people. I noticed how incredibly MUN had changed my way of approaching fears and difficulties regarding public speaking. 


For this conference I look forward to seeing active participation in every committee as I find every issue has its debatable perspectives. As a co-Secretary General I will assure that your voices are heard and that you feel comfortable in the LAMUN 2023 conference.


Thank you for participating. See you in April!

Lola Shaffer

Co-Secretary General

DSC_0215 (Medium)_edited_edited_edited.j

Hi everyone! I’m Lola Shaffer, a student from The British Schools of Montevideo, and I am pleased to participate in LAMUN 2023 as Co-Secretary General. 


I started MUN two years ago and joining the club was an excellent decision not only for the amount of skills I gained but also for the friends I have made. Before I acquired knowledge about MUN, I struggled with public speaking and I honestly didn’t have the resources to defend my arguments in general. However, throughout the conferences I became more confident. I really enjoy performing on stage so practicing public speaking skills beforehand helped me to fulfill my objectives. 


Moreover, I also learned a lot about the different roles one can take during a conference. Therefore, after being a delegate and a chair, it was time for me to organize part of my school’s conference, so here I am!


Hope you enjoy this conference! Debate, make friends and don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone because the effects are  absolutely wonderful. See you in April!

Leah Cowley

Head of Logistics

DSC_0216 (Medium)_edited.jpg

Hi everyone! My name is Leah Cowley, I'm a student at the British Schools of Montevideo and I will be taking part in LAMUN 2023 as Head of Logistics. 


My first MUN conference was, funnily enough, at LAMUN 2021, almost two years ago. I initially joined MUN just out of curiosity without really knowing if I would stay very long, but now that I look back on my decision, I am glad I did. By joining MUN, my confidence really grew and I went from being a very diffident person to a more self-assured one. There is no doubt in my mind that it is thanks to MUN that I now speak my mind without hesitating or being scared of someone having a different opinion. 


Nowadays, I have the honor of working alongside a fun and supportive group of students, and also have the opportunity to help my peers as I earn more responsibility. The past year in MUN was especially exciting for me as I now have the privilege of being one of three heads of the club at our school. I also enjoyed transitioning from being a delegate to a chair at a couple conferences and viewing the debate from that perspective.   


I hope the work we are putting in for LAMUN 2023 makes for an enjoyable and exciting conference for everyone attending and I can't wait to see what amazing delegates take part. See you in April!

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