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Agustín López

Co-Secretary General

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Hello there! My name is Agustín López, and, alongside Bautista, I will be your Secretary-General for LAMUN 2021. After the unfortunate cancellation of LAMUN 2020 and the virtual format of LAMUN 2021, I am delighted to welcome some Uruguayan delegates to The British Schools. Although  I, unfortunately, won't be there to see it, I hope that sanitary conditions will allow LAMUN 2023 to invite delegates from other countries.


These have been a rough couple of years for Model United Nations, for human interaction is of the essence. However, I am thrilled to see that the extracurricular activity I am most fond of has persisted over time. Seeing that the enthusiasm, the friends, and the things that make MUN great were not lost in virtual conferences makes me proud to be a part of this community. I will be the first to admit that it has been hard to participate in MUN throughout the pandemic: getting people to participate in virtual conferences, attending said conferences without interacting with the delegates I was debating, and organizing a full-on virtual conference in 2021 and a hybrid one in 2022. However, I believe that overcoming all of these difficulties speaks wonderfully not only about the MUN Club but about every single one of you, who surely had to face more significant challenges throughout the pandemic. 


Seeing LAMUN 2022 take place brings nothing but joy to my heart, and realizing that there are still people dedicated enough to discuss complex, saddening, and at times seemingly unsolvable topics make me hopeful that we will not only get past the pandemic but become better as individuals and as a society. Knowing that you will become the leaders of tomorrow makes me more optimistic about the future, which at times seems way too bleak in the middle of wars, political unrest, and problems such as climate change (things that become way too apparent through MUN discussion). Being a part, however small, of you all becoming more informed, capable and willful individuals is sincerely one of the best feelings out there. 


I started my MUN career in LAMUN 2018 as the shy thirteen-year-old delegate of Argentina in the Environmental Committee. While debating against all those delegates made me uneasy, I am delighted that I dared to stand up and take the floor, which became a catalyst to me being here now. I have participated in sixteen conferences in the last four years, and I am also currently co-president of The British Schools's MUN Club. While it might seem that MUN is my whole personality (as some of my friends have suggested), I also participate in Math Olympiad Club, play the piano, the guitar, enjoy drawing, singing, writing, and reading (at the moment, I'm trying to read Dune, keyword being "trying").


I am honoured to be co-secretary general for LAMUN 2022, its 2018 edition being the first conference I attended. I promise I'll do my best to make it as wonderful as I think it is. Hope to see you all in April!

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